Uppercase Connection Attribute

When the record or field definitions are redefined or updated, the NetSuite2.com data source may change the case of the record type and field names. If you use SuiteAnalytics Connect with applications that are case sensitive and do not support changes in case, you may encounter issues when running your queries.

The Uppercase attribute changes all record type and field names to uppercase. You can now use the Uppercase attribute to avoid case change problems. After applying the Uppercase attribute:

The Connect Service is not case sensitive and this change does not affect your queries. The case used in your query is not considered. For example, if you want to query the record type "Account", you can use uppercase and lowercase in your queries. The following examples show several queries that are valid when you use the NetSuite2.com data source:

          select * from account 

          select * from Account 

          select * from ACCOUNT 

          SeLecT * fRom acCount 


To change all record type and field names to uppercase, you must add the Uppercase attribute to your driver configuration, and set it to 1.

For more information about how to add the Uppercase attribute, see Setting the Uppercase Attribute

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