Translation Support for SuiteCloud Development Framework

In SuiteCloud Development Framework, developers can work with file-based definitions of Translation Collections and term translations outside of NetSuite in their own development environment.

Translation Collections in SuiteCloud Development Framework

This section focuses on Translation Collections provided to SDF for the purpose of translatability support for other sections of NetSuite.

Translation Collections and their translated strings can be included in SDF SuiteApps or projects for automatic setup or customization of your NetSuite application using customization bundles.

For more information about using Translation Collections in SDF, see the following:

In SDF SuiteApps or projects, Translation Collections and strings are defined by translationcollection custom objects and XLIFF files.

For more information about SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF), see SuiteCloud Development Framework Overview.

Translatable Fields in SuiteCloud Development Framework

SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF) can be used to reference a translation string from a Translation Collection to your translatable field on a custom object.

In the UI, this referencing is referred to as linking of translation strings. For more information, see String Hierarchy and Translation String Linking.

For more information about the use of translation strings in Translation Collections on a translatable field, see Translatable Fields on Custom Objects.

The following topics provide an overview of the use of translatable fields on custom objects and various related information:

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