LATAM E-Document Certification


To access the LATAM E-Document Certification SuiteApp documentation in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil), see LATAM E-Document Certification.

The LATAM E-Document Certification SuiteApp enables you to send e-documents to tax authorities.

Several countries require that companies submit their e-documents to tax authorities for certification. An e-document in NetSuite can be a record or transaction in the format of an XML or JSON document generated according to a specific standard. Some countries legally recognize these files as official documents and may establish guidelines for their format and content, according to local business needs.

Tax authorities verify the e-documents’ authenticity and compliance to prescribed requirements. You can share certified e-documents with the interested external parties, such as customers, vendors, or other tax agencies. You may need to store certified e-documents for a specific amount of time, depending on legal requirements.

The LATAM E-Document Certification SuiteApp enables you to set up connections to transmit your e-documents to tax authorities’ web services. With the SuiteApp, you can define the tax authority to which your subsidiaries submit e-documents, the type of e-document you send them, and the environment used for certification (production, testing, or contingency).

The LATAM E-Document Certification SuiteApp also manages the e-document certification requests, responses from the tax authority, and digital signing. For more information about digital signing with the SuiteApp, see E-Document Digital Signature.

The following diagram illustrates how the certification process works when you use the LATAM E-Document Certification SuiteApp.


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