Filtering of Translation Strings

The following interface is available for searching or filtering of strings in your account:

Manage Translations Strings filters.
  1. Search for a specific string name or description in the search box.

  2. Select a collection to view strings it contains.


    If you select Without Collection in this field, all translation strings without collection – that is, all stand-alone strings are displayed.

    Without Collection selected on the Collection field of the Manage Translations page.
  3. Select the translation status. Select Invalidated to view invalid strings. Select Missing Translation to view strings that are missing translations.

  4. At this point, you can select a language to view strings in the language you select.

    If you select a language in this field and search using the search field, the search results include translations into the given language. In addition, the translation strings’ translations into the selected language are displayed in the Language column.

    1. See the empty search result acquired by searching for the word Rückstellungsgrenze (German translation of Accrual Limit) without selecting any language in the Language drop-down list:

      Empty search result after using the filtering option on the Strings subtab.
    2. See the search result with German translation acquired using exactly the same criteria, but also selecting German in the Language drop-down list:

      Search results when selecting German in the Language drop-down list.
  5. Click Reset if you want to reset the search settings.


The Reset button will only appear after any of the filters is used.

The following options of sorting the displayed translation strings are available in the Strings subtab of the Manage Translations application:

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