Link Datasets in a Workbook

To link datasets in a workbook, you must first connect at least two datasets to a workbook and define at least one set of common keys between each dataset. Common keys are fields that contain the same data within each dataset, in the same data type. For example, the sales rep field in the sales (invoiced) and transaction record types both contain sales representative names in a text format and could be used as common keys when defining a link.

When you create a link, preferred common keys are automatically defined for fields with matching names and data types. If you want to define your own common keys, you can use any fields from either dataset if they are of the same data type: either date, text, numeric, or polymorphic. If the fields you want to use are not the same data type, you can cast their values using a custom formula field with functions such as TO_NCHAR. For more information, see Common Keys.

To prevent linking errors, when you are defining your common keys, after you select a field from the first dataset, any fields with a different data type in the second dataset become unavailable. Additionally, after you create a link, you cannot unlink the datasets if they have been used anywhere within the workbook. Linked datasets can also only be shared as part of the workbook they were linked in. You cannot share them on their own, as a separate object.


If two fields in a dataset share the same ID but have different join paths, you may experience issues if you try to define them as common keys. To prevent errors, try deleting one of the fields from the dataset before creating the link.

To link datasets in a workbook:

  1. In the Dataset Panel of a workbook, click Connect Dataset.

  2. Select a dataset from the list or click New Dataset if you want to define a new one. For more information see Defining a Dataset.

  3. After you have at least two datasets connected to the workbook, click the Dataset Menu icon next to a dataset in the Dataset Panel and select Create Dataset Link.

  4. On the Dataset Linking page, double click or drag and drop the fields you want to define as common keys to the Common Keys area of the page.


    Any fields you plan on using as dimensions in your pivot table or chart need to be defined as common keys for your results to render properly. For more information, see Common Keys.

  5. Click Link Datasets.

After you link your datasets, you can use them to build a pivot table or chart in a workbook. For more information, see Create Visualizations Based on Linked Datasets.

You can also build calculated measures using fields from either of the linked datasets. For more information, see Calculated Measures.

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