Item 360 Dashboard

The Item 360 Dashboard SuiteApp provides a real-time and concise overview of an item’s current status. Based on the roles, it enables you to access data from various areas of NetSuite in one consolidated dashboard. It provides a view to all the current transactional data impacting the item along with related alerts that help the user make informed decisions. It enables visibility into item transactions for all locations and subsidiaries by default across multiple portlets, each relating to a different transaction type or inventory view.

The SuiteApp also has a dashboard portlet Item Alerts Dashboard where you can:


The SuiteApp does not support special characters in subsidiary, location, or item names.

Watch the following help video for an overview of the Item 360 Dashboard SuiteApp:

Supported Item Types for Item 360 Dashboard

Item 360 Dashboard supports the following item types:


Kit item is applicable to portlets: Open Sales Orders, Open Quotes, Sales Analytics charts (Gross Item Volume & Sales, Net Item Volume & Sales, and Kit Sales), Order Delay alert in Item Alerts, Item Information, and Outbound Transactions.

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