Tax Features

On the Tax subtab of the Enable Features page, users with the Administrator role can enable tax features and access the installation pages of related SuiteApps:



Advanced Taxes

Use the Advanced Taxes feature. This feature enables you to use tax schedules to track taxes for each nexus in which your company is required to pay taxes.


If you enable Advanced Taxes, then you cannot disable it in the future.

For more information, see Advanced Taxes.

EU One Stop Shop

Check this box if your company is registered for the EU One Stop Shop (OSS) VAT scheme. The OSS feature in NetSuite enables you to charge the appropriate tax on B2C sales of digital services based on the VAT rate of the customer’s EU member state. For more information, see EU One Stop Shop (OSS).


Check this box to define different tax engines for different tax jurisdictions and visualize tax details on each transaction. For more information, see General SuiteTax Topics.

Related SuiteApps

  • International Tax Reports

  • Tax Audit Files

  • Withholding Tax

  • Supplementary Tax Calculation

For more information about installing the tax SuiteApps, see Taxation Features Provided by SuiteApps from NetSuite.

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