Requesting a Refresh

A refresh of your sandbox account copies a snapshot of all configurations, data, user passwords, and customizations from your source account into your target sandbox account. Submit a sandbox refresh request if you would like to perform this action.

To submit a sandbox refresh request:

You can monitor the Refresh Status and view the Estimated Refresh Time (In Hours) on the Sandbox Accounts page

For more information, see More About Sandbox Refresh Statuses and Requesting a Sandbox Account for the First Time.

  1. Log in to the production account that is associated with the sandbox account(s) you want to refresh.


    During the upgrade period for a new release of NetSuite, you should pay attention to your scheduled upgrade date. Do not request a sandbox refresh when the upgrade date is near. A refresh will fail if it does not complete before your scheduled upgrade begins. See Scheduled Version Upgrade Dates and Refresh Requests.

  2. Go to Setup > Company > Sandbox Accounts.

  3. For each sandbox account you want to refresh, do the following:

    1. Indicate which users should have access after the refresh occurs:

      • To only allow access to the account administrator, select the Administrators Only option. (You can give access to additional users after the refresh as needed. See Granting Access to Your Sandbox Account.)

      • To allow access to all existing production account users (except Customer Center users), select the All Users option.

    2. Select the account you would like to copy data from for this sandbox refresh.


      This field only appears if you are on a Premium, Enterprise, or Ultimate service tier. If you are on the Standard service tier, your source account is always your production account for sandbox refreshes.

    3. Click Refresh Sandbox.


      If all of your existing sandbox refreshes have been used, contact your Account Manager to purchase more.

      Your existing sandbox will remain online so you can continue working during the refresh process.

    4. Click OK on the Confirmation popup.


      Your sandbox refresh may not contain all data in your source account at the moment you select Refresh Sandbox. To check what data will be present, see the Snapshot Date field on the Sandbox Accounts page.

      Use your current sandbox account during the refresh process. You will receive an email notification when the new sandbox is ready to be activated.

    5. When the new copy of the sandbox is ready, go to the Sandbox Accounts page and click Activate Sandbox.


      When you activate a refreshed sandbox, the new sandbox completely replaces the previous sandbox. The new sandbox contains a copy of account data that is a snapshot taken from your chosen source account at the time of the sandbox refresh request. Any changes to the target sandbox account during the refresh process are not included in the newly activated sandbox. Before you activate the new sandbox, you must save any sandbox customization changes that occurred after the refresh request. These changes must be saved outside of the sandbox account so that they are available to be added to the new sandbox after activation. Account administrators should formulate a strategy to save these changes and add them to the new sandbox, and inform users of the processes to be used. For more information, see Refreshing Sandbox Accounts.

    6. To acknowledge that the current sandbox data and configuration will be completely replaced with a new copy from your chosen source account, click OK on the Confirmation popup.


      When your sandbox is ready for activation, you have two weeks to click Activate Sandbox. If you do not activate your new copy within the 14 days, it will be deleted.

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