Auto Bank Statement Import SuiteApp

The Auto Bank Statement Import (ABSI) SuiteApp enables you to automatically import bank statement files into NetSuite daily.

This feature uses a Financial Institution Connectivity Plug-in to securely connect to your financial institution’s server through SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) connectivity.

The ABSI SuiteApp works together with the Bank Statement Parser Plug-ins to read imported bank statement files content. Using a transaction parser, the SuiteApp identifies the transactions associated with the file and extracts them into NetSuite for matching and reconciliation.

The SuiteApp enables you to perform the following tasks:

The ABSI SuiteApp supports all available language in the Multi-Language feature of NetSuite. To set the language preference in NetSuite, see Choosing a Language for Your NetSuite User Interface.

Read the following topics to learn more about the ABSI SuiteApp:

General Notices