Merchandising Zone Content

Merchandising Zone content lets you display complementary, cross-sell or up-sell products. There are two merchandising zones you can choose from, the legacy merchandising zone and the enhanced merchandising zone. Both merchandising zones are similar, however the enhanced merchandising zone includes a configurable display, support for multiple languages, and it is compatible with SuiteCommerce themes. The enhanced merchandising zone lets you present your products in a consistent way, but also gives you the choice to display products differently throughout your website to match your brand quality.


To use the enhanced merchandising zone your account must be using SuiteCommerce and the 2021.1 release of SuiteCommerce Advanced or later. Your account must also be using SMT version 3. To check your version of SMT, see Site Management Tools Versions.

With the enhanced merchandising zone you can:

To benefit from and use merchandising zones, your account must have the SMT Core Content Types bundle (ID: 190323) installed. For more information, see Installing a Bundle.

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