Project Task Manager

The Project Task Manager provides a graphic interface that shows all of your project resources and tasks in one place, allowing you to ensure that your project tasks are being staffed effectively.

Staffing managers get a real-time view in their NetSuite accounts of each resource and their assigned tasks. They can quickly identify issues in how tasks are staffed and then resolve these issues within the Project Task Manager itself.

The Project Task Manager lets you:

The Project Task Manager is an extension of the Project Management feature and requires that this feature be enabled in your NetSuite account.


The Project Task Manager is a shared SuiteApp. Your account must be given access to the SuiteApp prior to installation. Contact your account manager for more information.

The Project Task Manager is available as a SuiteApp in Production:

The Project Task Manager is a managed SuiteApp and is automatically updated whenever there are changes. These issue fixes and enhancements are available after the SuiteApp is updated in your account.

You can install the Project Task Manager from the Enable Features page. Go to Setup > Company > Enable Features. On the Company subtab, in the Project section under Related SuiteApps, click Project Task Manager. Click the Install button to begin installing the bundle.

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