Web Store Items

Commerce web stores and SuiteCommerce InStore provide a comprehensive set of tools you can use to manage items on your site. Clear item descriptions, high-quality item images, and Commerce Categories (for sites with a large number of items) all contribute to the success of your website.

With NetSuite, you can:


The following item types are supported but not visible in Commerce web stores:

See the Supply Chain Management topic, Item Types, for more information about tracking and managing item types.

The use of other item types in your Commerce web store will require customization. Be aware that these customizations can affect different areas of your web store and should only be made by someone with developer experience.

See the following topics for more information about web store items:

Item Availability banner

Item Availability

Set up item records and inventory for your website and prepare items for search engine optimization (SEO). Set up personalized catalog views that provide different customers with access to different items.

Item Grouping Methods banner

Item Grouping Methods

Group items using the method most suited to your purpose. For example, sales, web store navigation, etc. Group items into general purpose collections that can be used to create personalized catalog views for different customer segments. Create a hierarchical structure of product categories, subcategories, and products to help your users to locate products in your web store.

Item Images banner

Item Images

Add product image files to your website. Product images significantly enhance the effectiveness of your Product Details Pages (PDPs) and other site pages.

Item Page Options banner

Item Page Options

Add elements to your web store's PDPs and Product Listings Pages. You can set up Inventory Display, Product Lead Time, Stock Notifications, Item Badges, Infinite Scroll, and Grid Order for your products.

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