Markup Items

You can use markup items to apply an additional charge to an order. Using markup items lets you track markup amounts without affecting inventory valuation.

For example, you can charge a rush fee for completing a service or delivering an item quicker than is usually guaranteed. You can choose to markup the amount for this charge by a flat additional fee.


When you add a markup item as a line item, it increases only the line-item amount that precedes the markup item. This can be a line-item or a subtotal group. The markup can be either a percentage of the total amount for the line or flat rate.

The following screen shot example, shows how markup applies only to the preceding line item.

Markup Preceed

To apply a markup item by percentage on a total order, add a subtotal item before the markup item on the sales order. For more information, see Subtotal Items.

The following screen shot example, shows how markup applies to the preceding subtotal line.

Markup Preceed 2

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