Matrix Items

You can create and maintain your item records using an item matrix. An item matrix lets you track your items by options such as size and color. An item matrix consists of a parent item and subitems. With an item matrix, each combination is tracked separately.

For example, Wolfe Electronics sells blank compact disks for recording. These compact disks are available in different storage capacities and colors. With an item matrix, Wolfe can track each combination of color and storage separately without having to create an item record for each combination.


The parent item does not appear on transactions. Only child items that show each option can be chosen on transactions.

There are two methods for creating matrix items:

  1. You can create matrix items by using the Matrix Item Assistant. This functionality lets you create an item and all of the available options in single step-by-step interface.

  2. If you do not use the assistant, you can manually create matrix items. However, you must first set up matrix options using custom lists and fields.

    • Use a custom list to create a list of the available options for matrix items. A separate list is required for each option.

      For example, you sell CD-Rs in different sizes and colors. You need a list of size options and a separate list of color options. After you create your lists of options, you need to create a custom item field for each list.

    • Custom item fields are used on item records to select available options from your custom lists. You must create an item field for each option list.

    • If the item appears in your commerce web store, you should also set up a custom transaction item option, which allows users to select the option on the item’s product details page (PDP).

Please note the following:

To enable matrix items:

  1. Go to Setup > Company > Enable Features.

  2. In the Items & Inventory subtab, check the Matrix Items box.

  3. Click Save.

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