Gift Certificates

You can create gift certificate items that allow customers to purchase store credit they can send to someone as a gift. The recipient uses the gift certificate authentication code when placing an order through your web store or entering a transaction with a sales representative. You can set an accounting preference for how you want to generate the gift certificate authentication codes. Gift certificate codes are not active until the order used to purchase the gift certificate is billed.

The following options are specific to the Gift Certificate feature:

Item Record Subtab

Field Name



Days Before Expiration

Enables you to set an expiry time for the gift certificate, after which the code can no longer be used

Some states do not allow gift certificates to expire. NetSuite ignores the expiration date for those states.


Can Be Fulfilled/Received

Allows the gift certificate to be fulfilled or received on orders

This is useful if you use physical gift certificates or gift cards that you track.

Web Store

Variable Amount

Check this box to set this item as variable-priced. This enables customers to enter their own prices for this item.

Show Default Amount

Enables you to display a suggested amount for the gift certificate when you offer a variable amount in the web store

This default amount can be edited by the customer.

The amount displayed in the web store is the online price, as defined on the Pricing subtab of the item record.

Maximum Variable Amount

If you checked the Variable Amount box, enter the maximum amount that can be paid or donated for this item.

Auth. Code

Auth. Code

If you let NetSuite generate authentication codes for gift certificates, enter and add codes in this field. This subtab appears only if System Generated is the selected method for the authentication codes preference. For more information, see Setting Preferences for Gift Certificate Authentication Codes.

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