Applying Multiple Gift Certificates

You can apply multiple gift certificates to a single order. You can choose how much of each gift certificate is applied.

Gift certificates are applied toward the total amount of an order on the Gift Certificates subtab. On Invoices, this subtab is under the Billing subtab. On cash sales, it is under the Payment subtab.

When you select a gift certificate for payment, enter the amount you want to apply from that gift certificate. Then, you can see the remaining credit amount.

If you use Multiple Currencies, the list of gift certificates filters to show only those in the currency selected on a transaction. For more information, see Customers and Multiple Currencies.

To apply gift certificates to an invoice or cash sale:

  1. Open the transaction.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • If you are applying gift certificates to an invoice, click the Billing subtab, and then under the Billing subtab, click the Payment subtab.

    • If you are applying gift certificates to a cash sale, click the Payment subtab.

  3. Click the Gift Certificates subtab.

  4. In the Gift Certificate column, enter the gift certificate code.

  5. In the Amount Applied column, enter the amount from this gift certificate you want to apply to the transaction.

    Any remaining balance shows in the Available Credit field.

  6. Click Add.

  7. Repeat these steps for additional gift certificates.

  8. Click Save.

To apply multiple gift certificates to a web store order, see Apply Gift Certificates in the Web Store

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