Creating a Manufacturing Routing

In Advanced BOM, routings are associated with a Bill of Materials. This association enables you to define default routings for multiple BOMs.

For example, The Wolfe Company manufactures mountain bikes its U.S. location. To do this, the U.S. location uses BOM U.S. prompting NetSuite to automatically select the BOM U.S. Routing. Due to increased mountain bike sales, Wolfe starts to manufacture mountain bikes in Canada. To manufacture mountain bikes in Canada, BOM CA is selected and the system automatically uses BOM CA Routing.


You cannot update Bills of Materials for routings that were used before Advanced BOM was enabled.

The Manufacturing Routing page at Lists > Supply Chain > Manufacturing Routing displays the following updates:

To create a manufacturing routing:

  1. Go to Lists > Supply Chain > Manufacturing Routing > New.

  2. If you use NetSuite OneWorld, select a Subsidiary.

  3. Select a Bill of Materials from the list.

  4. Select or enter one or more Locations where this assembly is performed.

  5. Enter a routing template Name.

    This name appears in the manufacturing routing field routings list on records and forms. For example, Beta Alternate Supply Routing.

  6. Optionally, enter a Memo for this routing.

    You can search for the text you enter in this field. For example, enter Use Beta Alternate when primary widget supply is unavailable.

  7. To use this routing by default for item forms, check the Default box.

    This sets the default steps for creating new special work orders and mass created work orders.

    Clear this box if you do not want this routing to be the default.

  8. Check the Inactive box if you do not want this routing to appear in routing lists on records and forms.

    Clear this box if you want this routing to appear in lists.

  9. If you want NetSuite to calculate lag times for operation tasks, check the Auto-Calculate Lag box.

    For more information, see Operations Overlap.

  10. Click the Routing Steps subtab and then complete the fields, as required.

  11. Click Save.

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