Administration SuiteApps

This release note was updated April 29, 2024.

Following is the 2024.1 administration enhancement to SuiteApps:

Compliance 360 SuiteApp Now Available in SuiteApp Marketplace

Compliance 360 SuiteApp enables you to have a single source of truth for user interactions with the customer record.

The SuiteApp gives you access to user activity logs produced by the NetSuite Compliance 360 Cloud Service.

The Compliance 360 SuiteApp enables users to:

  • Track and audit user interactions to customer records within NetSuite

  • Perform a search of when a user creates, deletes, edits, searches, views, prints, reports, or exports customer records, including logs produced by the SuiteApp in the last 12 months

  • Access user activities, key performance indicators, and dashboards in real-time for monitoring system usage

For more information about the SuiteApp, see Compliance 360 SuiteApp.

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