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This release note was updated February 19, 2024.

Following is the 2024.1 banking enhancement to SuiteApps:

Australia Bank Feeds Enhancements

Australia Bank Feeds SuiteApp version 2.0.3 includes the following enhancements:

  • Foreign currency is now supported depending on the connection used when importing bank data.

    • Bank Data Imported Using a Trusted Adviser – If a bank account is available for selection, the correct foreign currency is displayed.

    • Bank Data Imported Using Direct Data Access – You must have a numeric account number. Support for foreign currency is limited.

  • Addition of two new columns in the Bank Accounts subtab.

    • Status Reason – This column displays the reason for any bank connection problems per bank account.

    • Days to Retrieve – This column lets you specify the number of days worth of bank data to import. You can either set a default number of days for all accounts under a bank or set the number of days for each of the accounts under a bank. The default number of days worth of bank data to import is seven days.

  • The SuiteApp now supports both OneWorld and non-OneWorld accounts.

For more information, see Australia Bank Feeds SuiteApp.

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