Payment Automation SuiteApp

The Payment Automation SuiteApp lets you automate all your vendor payments from within NetSuite, and pay your suppliers by checks, virtual cards, and ACH.

Benefits of the Payment Automation SuiteApp:

  1. Enjoy one integrated solution

    • Manage your AP processes in your NetSuite account

    • Better control of outgoing cash flows

    • Easily scale end-to-end AP processes

  2. Save time and money

    • Cut back on manual processing time

    • Replace manual data entry

    • Streamline AP processes

  3. Improve working capital with Virtual Card payments

    • Optimize cash flow by making payments through extended credit

    • Earn 1% cash back on all eligible Virtual Card spend

  4. Reduce fraud and human error

    • Define and apply strict rules and approval workflows

    • Helps you to catch fraudulent invoices before they are paid

    • Avoid sharing sensitive financial data with suppliers

  5. Improve visibility and control

    • Monitor, track, and analyze each stage of the AP process

    • Gain insights to make better decisions

  6. Automate reconciliation processes for fewer errors

    • Eliminate error-prone manual reconciliation

    • Enable a faster financial close

Read the following topics to learn more about the Payment Automation SuiteApp:

General Notices