Intercompany Cross-Subsidiary Fulfillment

Use the Intercompany Cross-Subsidiary Fulfillment feature in your NetSuite OneWorld account to fulfill orders and receive returns across multiple subsidiaries.

This means that orders are not limited to be fulfilled from locations within the originating sales subsidiary. Rather, you can fulfill a single sales order from locations in multiple subsidiaries.


For example, your process may include having a central order administration in your U.S. subsidiary that manages order placement and sales for the entire company. Because you have distribution centers in many subsidiaries, an order placed in the sales subsidiary might best be fulfilled using inventory from one or more locations in other subsidiaries to reduce shipping costs. When each sales order is entered, individual lines on the order can be assigned to a specified subsidiary for fulfillment. Then, each line—item on the order can be fulfilled and shipped from individual subsidiaries. Finally, an invoice for the order is generated from the originating central order subsidiary to send to the customer.

In this way, using the Intercompany Cross-Subsidiary Fulfillment feature can reduce maintenance associated with intercompany inventory transaction processing. There is less need to enter and process drop ship orders or intercompany transfer orders to get inventory where it needs to be. This also means reduced accounting steps to process intercompany fulfillment and receipt transactions.

Additionally, using this feature, you can do the following:

Do the following to use the Intercompany Cross-Subsidiary Fulfillment feature:

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