Installation Preferences in the SuiteApp of SuiteCloud Project

In SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF), installation preferences apply to SuiteCloud projects of type SuiteApp, and provide you with a way to configure general or detailed preferences for an element, group of elements, or the project. You can apply the preferences per deployment or validation.

You can use SDF installation preferences as a way to determine the SuiteApp's customizations that your SuiteApp users can see, modify, or both see and modify. You can also use SDF installation preferences to determine what customizations are preserved or overwritten during SuiteApp upgrade. For information about which customizations are supported by installation preferences, Consult the documentation for each installation preference file.

The files that are used for installation preferences are included in the InstallationPreferences folder when you create a SuiteCloud project of type SuiteApp. There are three types of installation preferences files:


Even when using only locking preferences without hiding preferences or hiding preferences without locking preferences, your SuiteCloud project must include both the locking.xml and hiding.xml files for the project to successfully deploy to a target account.

To test or apply installation preferences against a target account, you can use the Apply Installation Preferences option. Enabling this option triggers SDF to apply installation preferences to the validation or deployment instance. For more information about using the Apply Installation Preferences option, see the following topics:


For information about applying installation preferences using SuiteCloud CLI for Java, see deploy, preview, and validate.

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