Installation Preferences in a SuiteApp Project

In SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF), you can set up SuiteApp installation preferences the following ways:

Installation preferences enable you to configure general or detailed preferences for an element, group of elements, or the SuiteApp project. You have the option to apply the preferences per deployment or validation.

Installation preferences files are included in the InstallationPreferences folder when you create a SuiteApp project. There are three types of installation preferences files: locking preferences, hiding preferences, and overwriting.

Locking preferences are stored in the locking.xml file. Hiding preferences are stored in the hiding.xml. When a custom object or file is locked using SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF), its fields cannot be modified from the account. When a file is hidden using SDF, it cannot be viewed, downloaded, or overwritten.


You need both locking.xml and hiding.xml files for locking or hiding preferences.

To test or apply installation preferences against a target account, you can use the Content Protection option. Enabling this option triggers SDF to apply installation preferences to the validation or deployment instance. For more information about using the Content Protection option, see the following topics:

For information about locking objects and hiding files using SuiteCloud IDE, see Locking SDF Custom Objects in a SuiteApp Project and Hiding Files in a SuiteApp Project for SDF.


For information about applying content protection using SuiteCloud CLI for Java, see deploy, preview, and validate.

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