GL Matching Overview

The GL Matching SuiteApp enhances your NetSuite account with a transaction matching capability to accommodate an accounting practice common in several countries, especially in Europe. In France, this practice of account reconciliation is called Lettrage. The SuiteApp provides tools that facilitate Lettrage.

With this SuiteApp, you can search transaction lines that belong to an account (for example, Accounts Payables) on the GL Matching Dashboard. You can then match these transaction lines, for example, bill to a bill payment, or a bill to three bill payments. To aid in the matching, you will find the transaction lines’ credit and debit values, and the total balance displayed on the dashboard.

By matching them, the SuiteApp groups them and assigns a matching status and matching code, a set of letters unique for every combination of account, subsidiary, and accounting book (if you have the Full Multi-Book Accounting feature enabled). With the matching code, you can identify which transactions have already been matched. For information about the matching code and matching status, see GL Matching Terminology.


The GL Matching SuiteApp does not match transactions as a whole. It matches transaction lines. Every transaction that belongs to an account consists of multiple transaction lines. The GL Matching Dashboard will display each of these lines as a separate search result and you can match different lines from the same transaction separately.

For information about the actions you can perform on the dashboard, see GL Matching Dashboard Management.

The GL Matching SuiteApp supports not only transactions in Accounts Payables and Accounts Receivables. You can also match custom transactions. For information about the transaction types that you can match, see Matchable Transactions.

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