Supply Chain Control Tower

You use the Supply Chain Control Tower feature to simulate inventory supply and demand across your supply chain. NetSuite uses these forecasting simulations (snapshots) to analyze whether inventory levels are in line with demand or planned levels. This can help you juggle matching customer requests with supply availability.

Snapshot analysis can help you plan to receive a product only when it is needed, reducing inventory investment. Understanding your inventory levels in conjunction with forthcoming supply and demand helps you analyze your supply chain logistics to plan inventory purchases and production.

When you use Supply Chain Control Tower, snapshots can be performed for Inventory items and Assembly/Bill of Materials items. This includes lot numbered and serial numbered items. These snapshots show a running balance of inventory based on sales orders and future inventory levels.

NetSuite calculates supply and demand snapshots for the following transactions:

When you generate a snapshot for an assembly item, the snapshot simulates the inventory level only for the assembly item. You would need to generate additional snapshots for each component to analyze component inventory levels.

Snapshot simulations may also be useful for inventory planning to introduce new products or for end-of-life product phases.


If item record and location restrictions apply to users in your account based on their assigned role, those restrictions apply when accessing inventory information.

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