Creating Merchandise Sales

You can record your revenue from the sale of merchandise, such as books or apparel. This also enables you to report on the revenue from merchandise sales.

To enter a merchandise sale, use the Enter Donation | Cash Sales page, and then select the NFP Cash Sale Form. Set the Revenue Type for each item to Sale of Goods.

For generic information on Cash Sales in NetSuite, on which this customized page is based, see Cash Sales.

To enter a merchandise sale:

  1. Go to Transactions > Sales > Enter Donation | Cash Sales.

    NetSuite displays the Donation | Cash Sales page.

  2. From Custom Form, select the form you want to use. For example, NFP Cash Sale Form.

  3. Under Primary Information:

    1. In the Constituent field, select a constituent.

    2. Accept or enter the date in the Date field.

    3. Select the posting period to which you want to post this sale.

    4. From the Appeal field, select the lead source associated with this sale.

    5. In the Memo field, enter a memo to identify this sale.

  4. In the Items subtab, add items to the merchandise sale.

    The columns that appear are based upon your custom segments and the permissions set for your user role.

    1. From the Items list, select the type of sale item.

    2. In the Quantity field, enter the quantity for the sale item.

    3. In the Rate field, enter the amount rate for the sale item.

    4. In the Amount field, enter the amount of the sale item.

    5. Populate the custom segment fields by selecting a Segment Code, or individually complete the following fields:

      • Restriction – Select Without Donor Restrictions.

        Restrictions can only be placed on Grants and Donations. This field is required.

      • Program – Select Unrestricted.

      • Revenue Type – To indicate this item is a merchandise sale, select Sale of Goods.

      • Revenue Subtype – Select the revenue subtype relevant to Sale of Goods. For example, Merchandise.

    6. Enter additional information as necessary.

    7. Click Add.

    8. Repeat these steps for each line item.

  5. Enter additional information as necessary. You can enter information related to shipping, billing, accounting, sales team, and communication.

  6. Click Save.

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