Cipher Suite Deprecations for SuiteAnalytics Connect JDBC Drivers

Since May 17, 2018, all SuiteAnalytics Connect hostnames such as point to new servers with new IP addresses. As a result, only modern cipher suites are supported for authentication with SuiteAnalytics Connect JDBC drivers. All other previously supported cipher suites were deprecated on May 17, 2018.

If you use a JDBC driver to access SuiteAnalytics Connect and you have specified a cipher suite in your connection URL, you should remove the cipher suite from the URL immediately. If your connection URL contains a deprecated cipher suite, you cannot access the Connect Service. If the connection URL does not include a cipher suite, the JDBC server automatically selects the appropriate cipher suite for authentication. Additionally, you should ensure that there are no IP restrictions set up that might prevent you from connecting to the service.

If you use an ODBC or ADO.NET driver to access the Connect Service, no action is required. However, you should also check for IP restrictions that might prevent you from connecting to the service.

For more information about authentication using JDBC drivers, see Authentication Using Server Certificates for JDBC.

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