Invalid Item Reference Key xx

The error occurs when adding related items data to an item record. The Import Assistant supports the import of related item sublist data for item records when the Web Site feature is enabled. Related Items data are mapped to the NetSuite field Presentation Items 1 : Item (Req) and you have the option to choose the following reference types:

  1. Names (Item Name/Number or Web Store Display Name*).

  2. Internal ID.

The error occurs when Name is chosen as the reference type for the following reasons:

  1. The Item Name/Number was incorrectly used (for example, misspelled or incorrect Item Name/Number).

  2. The Internal ID was used.

  3. The Item Name/Number is used correctly but there is a value set on the Web Store Display Name of the related item record. Use the Web Store Display Name instead of the Item Name/Number.

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