Picking Orders

Picking an order involves pulling items from your warehouse’s inventory to fill an open order. You can pick a single order or multiple orders at a time. When you pick items using a mobile device, NetSuite WMS can guide you through the warehouse by suggesting the bin locations from which to pick items. It also decreases the available stock level of picked items. On your mobile device, you automatically skip the steps for bin entry and staging when you pick non-inventory items or items from warehouse locations that do not use bins.

For single order picking, you can select an unreleased order to pick and automatically generate the wave transaction. Like orders released in waves, sales or transfer orders must be in Pending Fulfillment status and must have committed lines.

For more information about order processing in NetSuite WMS, see Releasing Orders to the Warehouse or Limitations.

You can set the following system rules or preferences to modify order picking through NetSuite WMS:

For more information about system rules, see System Rules for NetSuite WMS. For more information about fulfillment, see Setting Warehouse Management Preferences or Posting Item Fulfillments for Partially Picked Orders.

For instructions, see the following order picking topics:

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