Global Search by Document Number

NetSuiteā€™s Global Search can include both document numbers (for example, invoice numbers) and system-generated transaction numbers in its search results. Role preferences allow you to include or exclude results by transaction numbers from your global searches.

To include transaction numbers at the role level, administrators can go to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles and click Customize next to a role. Then, go to the Preferences subtab and select the Global Search Includes Transaction Numbers from the dropdown list. If the box is cleared, Global Search results will only include results by document number.

To include transaction numbers at the user level, go to Home > Set Preferences > Analytics > Search and select Global Search Includes Transaction Numbers. This preference is available to all roles, and does not require any permission to enable it.


If you cannot locate a record with Global Search, it is possible you are searching by transaction number when your settings only allow for searches by document number. Consider enabling the Global Search Includes Transaction Numbers preference and then search again for the record to see if it appears in the results.

For an explanation of this feature, see the following video.

For more information, see Setting General Account Preferences.

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