Creating a SuiteScript File in SuiteCloud IDE Plug-in for WebStorm

You can create SuiteScript files in IDE plug-in for WebStorm and the appropriate SuiteScript file type template is automatically added. Additionally, if you add SuiteScript modules when creating the file, you can use code completion for those modules.

To create a SuiteScript file:

  1. In WebStorm, open a SuiteCloud project.

  2. Right-click the SuiteScripts folder, and select New > SuiteScript File.

    If you are in a SuiteApp project, right-click the SuiteApps/<Application ID> folder.


    For more information about the Application ID, see SuiteApp Application ID.

  3. In the New SuiteScript File dialog, do the following:

    • From the Type dropdown list, select the type of SuiteScript file you want to create.

    • In the Name field, enter a name for your SuiteScript file.

    • From the Dependencies area, check the SuiteScript modules you want to include in your SuiteScript file.

    New SuiteScript File window
  4. Click OK.

    The SuiteScript file is created based on the template for that file.

    An example of a SuiteScript file created.

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