SuiteApp Projects

A SuiteApp project is a type of SuiteCloud project for SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF). As a SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) member, you can use SuiteApp projects to create SDF SuiteApps. SuiteApp projects are self-contained, standalone projects you can use to develop and deploy SDF SuiteApps to target NetSuite accounts.


SuiteCloud projects were formerly referred to as SDF projects.

SuiteApp projects can include SDF installation scripts that are automatically executed when the project is deployed. For more information, see SuiteScript 2.x SDF Installation Script Type.


To create an SDF SuiteApp, you must provide the publisher ID that SDN has assigned to you. Contact SDN if you are a partner and you do not know your publisher ID.

SuiteApp Project Creation

For SuiteApp project requirements, see the following topics:

To publish a SuiteApp using SDF, you need to use the SuiteApp project type. The following topics cover how to create a SuiteApp project using your preferred NetSuite development tool:

Properties of a SuiteApp Project

The following table lists the properties which must be specified when you create a SuiteApp project.

After you create a SuiteApp project, its application ID includes the Project ID and Publisher ID. For more information, see SuiteApp Application ID.


The maximum file size of your SuiteCloud project (compressed as a zip file during deployment) is 50 MB. To maintain a small project size, you should use File Cabinet to upload large files and images to NetSuite rather than SDF.



Publisher ID

The publisher ID of your SuiteApp project.


To create an SDF SuiteApp, you must provide the publisher ID that SDN assigned to you.

Project ID

A unique identifier to assign to the project.

Project Name

A name for your project.

Project Version

The version to assign to your project.

This value must use semantic versioning. For example, specify the following project version if your SDF SuiteApp is version 1.02, minor revision #01242017:



Modifying the project version value updates the SuiteApp version in the target account the next time the SuiteApp is deployed. The SuiteApp version can be viewed on the Installed SuiteApps page. For more information, see Viewing and Uninstalling SDF SuiteApps in a NetSuite Account.

SuiteApp Application ID

The SuiteApp workspace name is the application ID, consisting of the following components:


Application ID

A SuiteApp application ID is based on the publisher ID and project ID. SuiteApp project names are automatically set to their application IDs. The application ID is a fully qualified name with the following notation: <publisherid>.<projectid>. For example:

  • com.example.mysuiteapp

  • com.mycompany.helloworld


Application IDs must be no longer than 80 characters. SuiteApps created, imported, or converted as SuiteCloud projects are always represented by an application ID.

Publisher ID

A SuiteApp publisher ID is a unique ID that is assigned to each SDN partner. The publisher ID consists of a domain name, such as com or org, and a publisher name, such as the name of your company or organization. This has the notation: <domain>.<company>. For example:

  • com.example

  • com.mycompany


Publisher ID is a requirement for creating SuiteApp projects. You do not need a publisher ID to create account customization projects.

Publisher IDs are issued and registered by SDN. For more information about SDN, see

Project ID

A SuiteApp project ID refers to the specific SuiteApp project that you want to deploy or publish. This ID is specified when the project is created. The following are project ID examples:

  • mysuiteapp

  • helloworld


The project ID must be a single word that consists of lowercase alphanumeric characters. It must be less than 40 characters.

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