Account Customization Projects

An account customization project is a type of SuiteCloud project for SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF). Account customization projects are intended for customizations on accounts you own, such as your production, development, and sandbox account types.


SuiteCloud projects were formerly referred to as SDF projects.

To create an account customization project using SuiteCloud SDK tools, see the following topics:


The maximum file size of your SuiteCloud project (compressed as a zip file during deployment) is 50 MB. To maintain a small project size, you should use File Cabinet to upload large files and images to NetSuite rather than SDF.

For information about creating and deploying a SuiteCloud project to a target NetSuite account, see SuiteCloud Development Framework Tutorial.


Account customization projects cannot be uninstalled from the target account after they have been deployed. Undesired account components need to be manually deleted.

Properties of an Account Customization Project

The following table lists the properties which must be specified when you create an account customization project.



Project Name

The name of your project.

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