Creating an Account Customization Project in SuiteCloud IDE Plug-in for WebStorm

To customize your account, you can use SuiteCloud IDE Plug-in for WebStorm to create account customization projects.

After you create a project, you can set it up to connect the accounts you want to customize.


By default, all account customization projects created in SuiteCloud IDE plug-in for WebStorm work with SuiteScript 2.x.

For more information about account customization projects, see:

To create an account customization project:

  1. In WebStorm, select File > New > Project....

  2. From the New Project dialog, select the project type: Account Customization.

  3. Specify a location where you want to save your project or accept the default.

  4. Set the remaining project properties. For more information, see Properties of an Account Customization Project.

  5. Click Create.

    When the project is created, you can choose how to open the project by selecting either This Window or New Window. If there is already a SuiteCloud project open in the current window, selecting This Window closes that project and opens the one you created.

  6. Add the domains and accounts you want to customize. For more information, see Adding an Account in SuiteCloud IDE Plug-in for WebStorm.

To open an existing project, select File > Open.

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