Reviewing PI Removal Requests

If your company uses the Personal Information (PI) Removal, you can review the current status of PI removal requests. From this page you can also view details of a request, make a copy of a request, and approve, edit, or delete a request.

To review PI removal requests

  1. Go to Lists > Mass Update > Remove Personal Information.

    Personal Information Removal Requests page.
  2. For each request, you can see which records, fields, and workflows were removed. To view details of what information was processed in each request, click the field.

  3. To view details of the request’s status, click the Status field.

  4. To display only requests of a specific record type, enter the record type name into the search box.

  5. Using the icons on the far right, you can make a copy, edit, delete, view, or approve a request. See the following section for details of how to use these icons.

Using PI Removal Request Icons

Use the icons on the Personal Information Removal Request page to view details of a request, make a copy of a request, or approve, edit or delete a request. Options available depend on the status of the request.

When a removal request has the Created status, the following icons are available:

  • For the Create role:

    PI Removal Create Role icons

    (Make Copy, Edit, Delete)

  • For the Run role:

    PI Removal Run Role icons.

    (View, Delete, Approve)

When a removal request has the Pending or Complete status, the following icons are available:

PI Removal Pending Complete icons.

(Make Copy, View)

Make Copy  - Optionally make changes. Then click Create. A copy of the request is created. For example, you may want to make a duplication of a previous selection if you forgot to include one of the items for removal.

Edit - Make changes as needed. Click Save. Your changes are saved.

Delete – A confirmation message appears. To continue with the deletion, click Delete. The request is deleted.

Approve – A message appears warning you that all data will be lost permanently. To continue with the approval, click Yes, Proceed. The request status changes to Pending until the removal has been processed. Then the status changes to Complete.

View - The new PI Removal Request Page appears in view-only mode. View the information as needed.

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