Checking Pl Removal Results in the System Notes


This topic applies to System Notes only. For information about System Notes v2, see System Notes v2 Overview.

If your company uses Personal Information (PI) Removal, where available, you can see the PI removal results in the record’s system notes. The location and path to access the system notes information varies depending on the type of record. In the following example, changes were made to the Acme Medical Supplies contact record. To view the system notes for this, you would go to Lists > Relationships > Contacts and click View beside Acme Medical Supply. Then you would click the System Information subtab and then the System Notes subtab.

You can see in the system notes that certain records were rewritten by a constant string. The first entry uses the default replacement text of PI_Removed. The second entry shows text entered in the History Replacement field when the user created the request to remove personal information.

Sample PI Removal system notes results.

For more information about system notes, see System Notes Overview.

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