System Notes v2 Workbook

SuiteAnalytics Workbook offers many workbook and dataset templates, each with predefined source data, criteria, pivot tables, and charts.

This section contains the information for the SuiteAnalytics System Notes v2 workbook in NetSuite. For more information about SuiteAnalytics Workbook, see Workbook and Dataset Templates.

Watch the following help video for information about using the System Notes v2 workbook:

This is the fourth video in a 4–part series of videos about System Notes. To watch the other parts of the series, see:

System Notes v2 Dataset Template

This dataset combines fields from the System Notes v2 record type and two custom formulas so you can view the change history in your account. It forms the source data for the System Notes v2 Workbook Template.

Dataset Configuration

The System Notes v2 dataset combines fields from one record type, multiple custom formulas and criteria filters. To edit the dataset, see Defining a Dataset.

Root Record Type

Joined Record Type

Custom Formula Field

Data Grid

Criteria Filters

System Notes v2


These custom formulas are included in the dataset:

  • New Display Value

  • Old Display Value

The following fields are included in the dataset.

System Notes v2:

  • Author

  • Context

  • Date Changed

  • Element Full Name

  • Object Action Type

  • Object Name

  • Role ID

  • Root Object — Numeric Key #1

  • Root Object Name

  • Value Action Type

The following criteria is used to filter the dataset:

  • Date From on or after same day last year

System Notes v2 Workbook Template

Use the System Notes v2 workbook to analyze system notes v2 data for your records. Create a custom workbook to add charts, pivots, and tables to view configuration details in your account.

The following records are supported in the System Notes v2 workbook:

  • Roles and permissions

  • Custom transaction record types – configuration only.

The System Notes v2 workbook provides administrators and compliance managers with a view of the change history in their account. The workbook information includes details about what changed, who made the change, and when the change was made. You can also create your own workbook System Notes v2 dataset.

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