Currency Exchange Rate Types

The Currency Exchange Rate Types feature lets you store multiple currency exchange rates for a currency pair and date. Unless you enable this feature, you can have only one exchange rate for each currency pair and date combination. You cannot disable the Currency Exchange Rate Types feature after you enable it.

When you use this feature with the Intercompany Framework feature, you can use an alternate currency exchange rate type as your Corporate Exchange Rate Type. You select your Corporate Exchange Rate Type on the Accounting subtab of the Intercompany Preferences page at Setup > Accounting > Preferences > Intercompany Preferences. All currency exchange rates in NetSuite, except intercompany cross charges, use the default currency exchange rate type.

You need a user role with the Currency permission to work with currency exchange rate types. An administrator can add this Lists permission to your role. Only Edit level permission is required since you cannot delete currency exchange rate types.

See the following topics for help with the Currency Exchange Rate Types feature:

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