Currency Exchange Rate Integration

The Currency Exchange Rate Integration feature automatically updates currency exchange rates by the specified provider one time each day for all accounts that use exchange rate integration. The automatic update occurs at approximately 6:00 a.m. in one of four available time zones. The updated rates reflect the latest exchange rates available as of 6:00 a.m. in your selected time zone. The time zones and representative cities in those time zones are as follows:

The Eastern Time (U.S. & Canada) time zone is the default. You can specify a different time zone on each base currency record to designate the time for updates to its foreign currency exchange rates.

The automatic update run time respects time zone changes for daylight savings time, and runs daily at approximately the same local system time. If you operate in a location that follows daylight savings time, the GMT time zone shown in the Recorded Date and Source Date columns on the Exchange Rate History page change. To open the Exchange Rate History page and view the currency rate updates for your account, go to Lists > Accounting > Currencies and then click History.

You must define a base currency to trigger exchange rate integration. For information about creating a base currency, see Setting a Base Currency.

After you enable the feature you must specify your exchange rate provider and determine the method used to obtain currency exchange rates. You must also specify anchor currencies, if needed. The following topics include instructions and additional information.

If you use the Currency Exchange Rate Types feature, be aware that rate provider integration works only with the default currency exchange rate type.


Currency exchange rates in Release Preview and sandbox accounts may differ from rates in production accounts.

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