Currency Exchange Rates List Page

The Currency Exchange Rates page at Lists > Accounting > Currency Exchange Rates always displays the latest exchange rate for a currency pair and effective date for the date you select in the As Of filter. The default is today’s date. To display past rates, change the As Of filter.

Use the export icons at the top of the list to export the complete list to a CSV file CSV file icon or a Microsoft Excel Excel file icon file.

The Currency Exchange Rates list page includes the following columns:

If you have multiple currency exchange rate types, the filters include an Exchange Rate Type filter, and the list includes an Exchange Rate Type column. For information, see Currency Exchange Rate Types.

Additional Columns for Currency Exchange Rate Integration

If you use the Currency Exchange Rate Integration feature, this page displays two additional columns:

  • Rate Provider – The name of your exchange rate provider.

  • Method – The method by which the rate was obtained.

    The method options are:

    • Direct - Rate comes directly from the provider.

    • Triangulation – Rate calculated by NetSuite using triangulation.

    • Inverse – Rate based on the direct rate used by another NetSuite account.

    • Manual – Rate entered manually or by CSV file import. Rates of this method type are not updated by rate providers.

    • N/A – Rate automatically calculated when a new currency is added.

If you click a link in the Method column, a window opens with specific details for how that exchange rate was derived. Details include the exchange rate ID, base or anchor currency, source currency, direct rate, source date, rate used, rate provider, and rate method. The ID is a link to the Exchange Rate record. For more information about the rate provider methods, see Methods for Obtaining Exchange Rates.

Exchange Rate Field Limitations

You can enter exchange rates with up to 15 digits before the decimal point, or up to 8 digits after the decimal point. The maximum number of digits that can be entered in this field in any combination of integers and decimal fractions is 17. Exchange rate numbers can range from 123,456,789,012,345.12 (15 digits to the left of the decimal point and 2 digits to the right of the decimal point), to 12,346,789.12345678 (9 digits to the left of the decimal point and 8 digits to the right of the decimal point) to accommodate exchange rates related to large currencies and currencies with high decimal precision.

Exchange Rates on Reports

Exchange rates displayed on reports are rounded to 2 decimal places, but the complete exchange rate from the source transaction is used to calculate the currency conversion amounts. For most reports, you can drill down from the report to the source transaction to view the complete exchange rate.


A different set of exchange rates is used for consolidated reporting in OneWorld accounts. These exchange rates are stored in the Consolidated Exchange Rates table. See Consolidated Exchange Rates.

For instructions for adding and updating currency exchange rates, see the following topics:

For information about historical exchange rates, see Currency Exchange Rate History.

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