Item Collection Import

The Item Collection record is a way of grouping catalog items. Item collections can be static or dynamic. You can create and update static item collections using the CSV Import Assistant.

To create a static item collection using CSV Import, you must complete the following steps:

The Item Collection record and the Item Collection-Item Map record work together to define the items in an item collection.


The Item Collection-Item Map record is a standalone record. It is not a sub-list of the Item Collection record.

For more information about the Item Collection-Item Map record, see Item Collection Item Map Import.

For more information about item collections, see Item Collections.

In the user interface, you create the Item Collection record at Lists > Accounting > Item Collections > New.

Item Collection Fields

The Import Assistant supports all the fields that are available in the user interface for static collections. It also supports External ID, which can be used to link the Item Collection record with all the related items in the Item Collection—Item Map record. You should give each Item Collection record an External ID of your choosing, and then use the External ID in the Item Collection–Item Map record to specify which items should be included in which item collection.

For details about fields that can be mapped in this record, see the SOAP Schema Browser’s item collection reference page. You can use the field definitions here as a basis for creating your own CSV import template file. For information about working with the SOAP Schema Browser, see SOAP Schema Browser.

For help working with this record in the user interface, see Item Collections.

Item Collection CSV File Example

The following table shows how you might format your CSV file when importing item collection mapping records. Note that because this record has no sublist, you always use a single CSV file for the import.



External ID


VIP Items

Exclusive items for VIP Customers



North America Exclusive

Items to be sold only in North America



Secure Products

Items to be sold only to registered customers



The Import Assistant is available at Setup > Import/Export > Import Tasks > Import CSV Records. After you select the record type for import, you choose the import character encoding. For more information, see Select a Record Type for Import and Choose Import Character Encoding.

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