Printing from Item Fulfillment Transactions

You can print the bill of lading for a single item fulfillment directly from the Item Fulfillment transaction.

To print the bill of lading from the Item Fulfillment:

  1. Go to Transactions > Sales > Bill of Lading.

  2. Search item fulfillments. Read To search item fulfillments on Print Bill of Lading page:.

  3. On the Print Bill of Lading page, on the Item Fulfillments sublist, click the View link for the item fulfillment record.

  4. On the Item Fulfillment page:

    1. Click the Print BOL button.

    2. On the popup window, you can select a template from the Standalone Template dropdown list. The SuiteApp automatically selects the Default Standalone Template set from the Bill of Lading Preferences page.

    3. Click Print BOL.

You can save the printed bill of lading from the Item Fulfillment page in the file cabinet. On the Bill of Lading Preferences page, you can check the Save to File Cabinet box to store the printed files in the Bills of Lading folder.

To access the files anytime, go to Documents > Files > Bills of Lading folder.

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