Locating Fields in Workbook

If you are not sure which record type you want to join to a dataset, you can browse or search the Records and Fields list in the Dataset Builder. To get an overview of the Dataset Builder, see Dataset Builder.

The record types and fields that you have access to are based on your permissions and the role you use to log in to NetSuite. If you do not see a record type or field that you think you should have access to, contact your administrator.

By default, record types and fields are listed in alphabetical order except if you are in a transaction dataset. In a transaction dataset, the transaction line and transaction accounting line record types are listed at the top of the Records list. This is because these are the most commonly joined record types in a transaction dataset.

You can search for fields using their labels or internal IDs. Searches are performed across record types that are up to three joins away from the root record type of the dataset. If you want to search across more record types, click Show more results.

If you are working in an existing dataset and you do not know which record type a field belongs to, point to the field in the Data Grid or in the criteria filter, then click the field menu icon and select Show Location in Field List. The associated record type is highlighted in the Records List.

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