Using Oracle Identity Cloud Service to Manage Users, Groups, and Access

Administrators must perform the following tasks using the Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS) console to create user accounts and assign appropriate user roles:

Creating User Accounts Using Oracle IDCS

Only administrators with the Identity Domain Administrator or User Administrator role in Oracle IDCS can create user accounts using the Oracle IDCS console. Guidelines and instructions for creating user accounts can be accessed through the following links:

Managing Groups Using Oracle IDCS

After creating user accounts, an administrator must create groups for different organization roles, and assign the appropriate user roles to those groups. This way, administrators can add users to groups to automatically assign them user roles. Use the following links for guidelines and instructions for creating and assigning roles to groups:

  • Manage Groups

  • Assign Roles to Groups

    Configuring the NetSuite Content and Experience requires the service administrator (CECServiceAdministrator) role. You must have a dedicated user for this role. After creating a confidential application, select this user in Limiting the Confidential Application to One User.


    It is recommended that the service administrator be assigned the following required roles only:

    • CECServiceAdministrator

    • CECEnterpriseUser

    Other users who require access to Oracle Content must be assigned the standard user (CECStandardUser) or enterprise user (CECEnterpriseUser) role, in addition to their existing roles. To know more about the different application roles in Oracle Content, see Application Roles.

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