Managing Europe Bank and Payment Accounts for Bank Feeds

Manage which bank or payment accounts operating in Europe you want to include or exclude for automatic daily bank data import.

The following table describes the available columns under the Accounts subtab of the Connect to Europe Accounts Format Profile page.



Include Account

By default, after configuring your connection to a financial institution, all associated accounts are automatically included and enabled for bank feeds.

To include or exclude a Europe bank or payment account:

  1. On the Accounts subtab:

    1. Check the box next to the account you want to include from bank feeds.

    2. Clear the box next to the account you want to exclude from bank feeds.

  2. Click Submit.

    A confirmation message appears to confirm that all marked accounts were successfully included for bank feeds.

  3. If you included a new account, be sure to proceed to the Account Linking subtab afterwards to link a GL account in NetSuite. For more information, see Linking Accounts for Financial Institution Connectivity.

Account Name

This column displays the list of bank and credit card accounts associated with your financial institution connections.

Account Type

This column displays the type of the financial institution account.

Financial Institution

This column displays the financial institution associated to the bank or credit card account.

Connection ID

This column displays the unique ID of the financial institution connection associated with the bank and credit card account.


If you have multiple connections to the same financial institution using different login credentials, each connection will have their own unique ID.

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