Linking Accounts for Financial Institution Connectivity

Link data from financial institutions to corresponding accounts in NetSuite.


To avoid performance degradation:

  • If you are using a format profile provisioned by the Bank Feeds SuiteApp, the maximum number of accounts you can link is 20. See Limitations of Using the Bank Feeds SuiteApp.

  • If you are not using a format profile provisioned by the Bank Feeds SuiteApp, you should link no more than 500 accounts.

The Account Linking subtab is populated with information from the financial institution accounts for which you have a configured connection. If you are configuring a manual import, see Linking Accounts for Manual Import.

To do this procedure, you need to create a format profile and complete some initial setup, including configuring a direct connection to a financial institution. For details, see steps 1 – 5 of Configuring a Connection to a Financial Institution (Without a SuiteApp).

To link bank accounts for financial institution connectivity:

To troubleshoot account linking issues, see Troubleshooting Account Linking Issues for Automatic Import.

  1. To open the appropriate Format Profile page for the appropriate financial institution record:

    1. Go to Setup > Accounting > Financial Institution > List.

      NetSuite displays the Financial Institutions page.

    2. Next to the appropriate financial institution record, click View.

      NetSuite displays the Financial Institution page.

    3. In the Format Profile: Configuration subtab, click Edit next to the format profile in which you want to link accounts.

      NetSuite displays the Format Profile page.

  2. Click the Account Linking subtab.

    NetSuite displays the following:

    • A list of the financial institution accounts for which you have configured a connection.

    • The name of the financial institution to which each account belongs.

      If no financial institution is identified for an account, No Financial Institution Found appears.

  3. Click the Account Linking subtab.

  4. From each Linked GL Account list, select a bank or credit card account in NetSuite to link to the adjacent accounts.


    The accounts available in the list are not restricted by any classifications, including subsidiaries, departments, locations, and classes. Any restriction preferences do not apply to the dropdown list.


    To avoid inaccurate or inconsistent balances on the Match Bank Data page, perform one-to-one account linking only. Do not link more than one bank account to the same account in NetSuite.

  5. Click Save to save the format profile, or Save & New to save the current format profile and create a new one.

    If you configured the format profile correctly and the save is successful:

    • NetSuite displays a progress message that an import process has begun. To view the processing status of your import, click Track your status. See Banking Import History.

    • For any newly–linked accounts, NetSuite imports the last 60 calendar days of data. For any existing accounts, NetSuite imports any new data since the last successful import. If you are saving this format profile for the first time, NetSuite creates a daily import schedule. For more information, see Automatic Bank Data Import.


      If your format profile contains any plug-in implementations not enabled in your account, the import process and initiation of the daily import schedule does not run. Select another plug-in or enable the selected plug-in. See Creating a New Plug-in Implementation.

    • If you are using the Intelligent Transaction Matching feature, NetSuite uses reconciliation rules to automatically match your imported data to account transactions. To view automatically-matched transactions, see Viewing Transactions To Be Submitted. To match imported bank lines that require manual matching, see Matching Bank Data.

    • If you are using the Automated Cash Application feature, you can automatically generate customer payments from your imported data and apply them to invoices. These generated payments are automatically matched and cleared in the system. See Generating Customer Payments.

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