Financial Institution Records

NetSuite contains financial institution records, which represent banks and credit card companies, or corporate card companies, from which you want to retrieve financial institution data.

Financial institution records contain format profiles, which let you configure settings necessary for manual or automatic data import. You can set up a format profile to import data for use in the bank reconciliation process or for use in employee expense reports. For more details, see Format Profile Creation.

If your role has the Financial Institution Records permission with a full access level, you can create your own financial institution record and an associated format profile. For details on the Financial Institution Records permission, see Permissions for Banking Features.

When you add a format profile to a user-made financial institution record, you need to select a profile type, connectivity method, and transaction parser. For more information, see Format Profile Creation.

Alternatively, you can use a SuiteApp, which provisions financial institution and format profile records that let you directly connect to a financial institution to retrieve data. These format profiles contain a preselected and read-only profile type, connectivity method, and transaction parser.

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