Automated Cash Application

You may import bank lines that do not have matching customer payments in NetSuite. The Automated Cash Application feature enables you to automatically generate a batch of customer payments in NetSuite and apply them to open invoices. The generated customer payments are then automatically matched and cleared in the system. To generate customer payments, see Generating Customer Payments.


Before you manually match transactions, you should use the Automated Cash Application feature to generate all customer payments from imported bank lines and match them. After all customer payments have been handled, you can then manually match the remaining transactions. See Matching Bank Data.

The Automated Cash Application feature displays all imported bank lines with a positive amount for an account and assigns a customer to each transaction if a match is found. For details about how NetSuite matches a customer to a bank line, see Customer Match Criteria.

If a customer match is not found for a bank line and you want to generate a customer payment for it, you need to select a customer. See Adding or Changing a Customer.

When you select a customer, you can create a customer mapping rule that the system can remember and use for future incoming bank lines. For details on customer mapping rules, see Customer Mapping Rules for Automated Cash Application.

If a bank line specifies invoice numbers, the system displays the specified invoices to which the payment will be applied. Otherwise, the system provides a list of suggested invoices to which the payment can be applied. The system automatically allocates payment amounts to invoices that you can adjust as needed. To review invoices for a bank line, see Reviewing Invoices for an Imported Bank Line.

To use the Automated Cash Application feature, your user role requires certain permissions. For details, see Permissions for Banking Features.

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