Setting Accounting Preferences

To set accounting preferences, go to Setup > Accounting > Accounting Preferences.

To determine how NetSuite applies payments that are missing invoice numbers, set the Apply Payments Without Invoice Numbers preference, which is on the General subtab, in the Accounts Receivable section.

From the list, select your preferred handling method for generated customer payments that are missing invoice numbers:


The method you choose determines how NetSuite suggests invoices for payment application when the imported bank line does not specify invoice numbers.


If you select the first or second option, set the default accounts receivable account to ensure that NetSuite uses the correct account. Use the Default Receivables Account preference at Setup > Accounting > Accounting Preferences > Item/Transactions. You can override this preference for a specific customer by defining the Default Receivables Account field on the customer record. For more information, see Entering Financial Information on the Customer Record.

If you do not set a default accounts receivable account, NetSuite applies payments without invoice numbers to the oldest invoices associated with the last used accounts receivable account.

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