Viewing Open Invoices for a Customer

On the Automated Cash Application page, you can view all open invoices for a customer.

To view open invoices for a customer:

  1. To open the Automated Cash Application page, you can do one of the following:

    • Go to Transactions > Bank > Automated Cash Application.

    • If you are on the Match Bank Data page, click Automated Cash Application in the top-right corner.

  2. From the Account list, select the appropriate bank or credit card account.

    NetSuite displays a list of imported bank lines for which NetSuite was unable to find matching payments. If NetSuite found invoice matches, the associated invoice numbers appear in the Invoice Matches column.

  3. For the bank line you want to review, click the plus icon.

    The expanded details for the bank line appear.

    If the bank line specifies invoices, the system displays the invoices to which it applies the payment, or provides a list of suggested invoices.

  4. To view all open invoices for the customer (along with journal entries that have the same general ledger impact as the invoices), click View Invoices.

    The View Invoices window appears, which displays the following:

    • The imported bank line associated with the customer

    • A grid of all the open invoices for the customer. These invoices may be associated with another imported bank line, and they may not have any unapplied amount left.


      The Amount Due value is the amount due on the invoice, without any subtraction of allocated amounts.

      If the customer does not have any open invoices, the grid is not populated.

    Next to each invoice is a box. A checked box indicates that the invoice is currently included in the payment application for the customer.

    By default, the grid of invoices is loaded and sorted according to the Aging Reports Use preference. If you want, you can sort the grid to your liking.

To include or exclude open invoices from payment application for the customer, see Including or Excluding Invoices from Payment Application.

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