Customer Match Criteria

The Automated Cash Application feature matches customers to imported bank lines based on the following criteria:

Match Type



Exact Match

The imported bank line must specify either of the following in the appropriate fields:

  • Customer name

  • Customer ID

  • Invoice number or numbers


In a CSV file, invoice numbers must be specified in the Invoice Number column. If there are multiple invoice numbers for a single bank line in a CSV file, certain formatting requirements apply. For details, see Preparing CSV Files for Import.

If the conditions for an exact match are met and the customer or invoice information in the bank line is correct, NetSuite displays the name of the associated customer.

If the bank line contains incorrect customer or invoice information, an exclamation mark icon appears next to the field in the Customer column. To see which information is incorrect, hover over the exclamation mark icon.

If the bank line specifies invoice numbers belonging to different customers, the system identifies the customer of the first invoice specified and displays an exclamation mark icon. To view other invoices specified in the bank line, select the appropriate customer.


The Automated Cash Application feature does not support multiple customers per bank line.

Preferred Match

You must have a customer mapping rule the system can use to identify a customer. The rule must contain values similar enough to the Payor and Memo fields in future imported bank lines that NetSuite can identify the appropriate customer. To compare rule values to future imported bank lines, the system transforms the values by removing white space, numbers, special characters, and capitalization.

To create a customer mapping rule, see Adding or Changing a Customer.

To view customer mapping rules, see Viewing Customer Mapping Rules.

When NetSuite is unable to achieve an exact match, NetSuite uses any existing customer mapping rules to try to identify a customer. Customer mapping rules enable the system to remember a customer selection for similar bank lines that get imported, based on the Payor and Memo field.

In the bank line, NetSuite looks for payor and memo values similar to the values listed in the rule to map to the appropriate NetSuite customer. NetSuite looks at the payor value first and the memo value second.

Partial Match

You have a bank line with a payor or memo value similar enough to a customer name that the system can identify that customer as a potential match.

If NetSuite cannot perform an exact or preferred match, NetSuite performs a partial match. A partial match uses a similarity algorithm to compare the contents of Payor and Memo fields in incoming bank lines to the names of applicable NetSuite customers.

The algorithm uses both characters and word length to try to identify a customer to whom an imported bank line may belong. If the wrong customer is selected, which can occur if customers are too similarly named, select the right customer and create an associated mapping rule.

If NetSuite is not able to identify a customer, the field in the Customer column is not populated. In this scenario, an exclamation mark icon always appears next to the field. Blank fields in the Customer column most commonly occur for non-payment bank lines that do not specify customer information, such as deposits. To view error details, hover over the exclamation mark icon.

If the field in the Customer column is blank, you must select a customer. See Adding or Changing a Customer.

If no customers are available from the dropdown list, see Troubleshooting Missing Records from the Customer Dropdown List.

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